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Silver Spring, MD
United States


Stories To Tell is a full service book publishing company for independent authors. We provide editing, design, publishing, and marketing of fiction and non-fiction. We specialize in sophisticated, unique illustrated book design.

Book Design Fees

CUSTOM Book Design

All our books are custom designed. The degree of styling depends on the complexity of the book. You are welcome to suggest styles you prefer, and can get involved in the choices of fonts, etc, if you like.

We provide all files, both design source files and the PDF finals, at no charge for the author to keep. (We will also back them up in our archive so your book is never lost.)

With all covers, we provide free .jpeg images of the front cover in both high resolution and web resolution for the author's use in marketing.

Interior Page Design

D1. Standard Book Interior Design

Interior design and page layout for black & white, text-only books with basic formatting, such as a novel or essay collection. Includes up to 40,000 words. For longer books, see Standard Interior Design, Additional Words.

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D1A. Standard Interior Design, Additional Words

Each 10,000 words of additional standard text

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D2. Custom Interior Book Design

Interior layout for books requiring special formatting including: text-wrapped images, poetry, letters, journal or diary entries, interview transcripts, or pull quotes.

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D2A. Custom Interior Design, Additional Words

Each 10,000 words of additional custom text

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D3. Premium Interior Book Design

Premium Interior layout for books requiring special formatting including all items included in Custom Interior Layout, plus index, charts or graphs, footnotes, endnotes, bibliography, glossary, provided by client. (Stories To Tell can create any of these elements if they are not yet developed in the book’s text; additional fees may apply.)

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D3A. Premium Interior Design, Additional Words

Each 10,000 words of additional premium text

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Cover Design

CD1. Standard Book Cover Design

Standard design includes two images, provided by client, prepared in Photoshop for front and back covers, one background color and/or texture, and two suitable typefaces for title and author.

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CD2. Custom Book Cover Design

Custom design includes two-layer artwork effects added to up to three images provided by client, or suitable artwork can be acquired for an additional charge. Design includes up to four complementary fonts: title, subtitle, author, and other text.

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CD3. Premium Book Cover Design

Premium design is intended for commercial projects, and includes complex art rendering such as composites or vector images. Design includes complementary fonts. Includes assistance with marketing blurbs, award badges, and other commercial design features. Stock components are included free of charge; specialty art acquisition such as hand drawn illustrations may incur additional charges.

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CD4. ARC Book Cover Design

An Advance Review Copy (ARC) cover design adds a custom ARC label to an existing cover as part of a pre-publishing strategy to gather reviews.

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