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Silver Spring, MD
United States


Stories To Tell is a full service book publishing company for independent authors. We provide editing, design, publishing, and marketing of fiction and non-fiction. We specialize in sophisticated, unique illustrated book design.



It is no wonder we enjoy our work. Our clients are a pleasure to work with!

"Wow, the cover, the layout...A M A Z I N G!  I know that's just a bit dramatic, but it really blew me away.  Amazing.  Professional, attractive, ready to stand next to anything from a large publisher - truly a great job."

 ―Roland Allnach, author of The Writer's Primer

“They are lovely people, extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about what they do.”

―Jo Ann Glim, author of Snippets: Portrait Of An American Family


“Finally to my mentor, editor, cover designer and friend, Nancy Barnes, and her husband Biff. Nancy, thank you for bringing my writing and efforts to get published into the 21st century. Without you, I am not sure that my dream over these many years would have ever become a reality. Nancy, you are the keeper of my field of dreams.

You helped turn a “not commercially viable” book into one that I am very proud to have my name on. Anyway, I wanted you to know that I think of you often and I’m so grateful for your skills, and your mentoring and for your friendship. I appreciate your integrity, your expertise, and your teaching skill more than I can express.”

―Dr. Lin Bothwell, author of Lessons In Hono

I am so excited by your work. The typesetting is really good. I LOVE the cover.

Thank you for working with us.  You are a good listener and continue to offer good advice on this project while trying to meet our stylistic needs.

Thanks again… you are the BEST!"

―Marylou Ryder, author of92 Tips From the Trenches: How to Stay in the Game as an Educational Leader

It's done. I feel this is our work - certainly you both have been irreplaceable in making it turn out as well as I believe it has."

―Mike Casey, author of Henry E. Bothin, Philanthropist of Steel

“Special thanks to Nancy Barnes for guiding us through the jungle of self-publishing.”

 ―P.J. Watters, author of the series The Courtship of Lizzie Andrews

“When I decided to make a book of stories from my childhood, I knew just where to get help.  I had been to a meeting of the Writers Forum when Nancy and Biff Barnes made a presentation.

I had no idea how to go about making a presentable book that my descendants might enjoy.  I did not know what kind of font to use, nor did I know how to add old photographs (some of them were quite faded). How to design a book?  I had no idea.   And I needed an editor to proofread the stories.

Except for actually writing the stories, Nancy did all the work. The result is a beautiful hard-cover book.”

―June Nessler, author of Reconnections, the Causes of Some Effects

“Nancy was a huge help with creating my Zap The Grandma Gap book.  In the very beginning, she was able to completely restructure the book to have a broader appeal and greater professionalism.  She suggested resources to make my book pop off the shelf and took my amateur writing to a much higher level.  And best of all, she was flexible with my specific needs and able to fit within my budget.”

 ―Janet Hovorka, author of Zap the Grandma Gap

"I confess it hurt a bit when you said the book was not ready for publishing. Of course, you were right and your necessary instructions to get my act together paid dividends. The list of suggestions and books for me to read was invaluable.

I am so grateful for the professional work and your dedication. You put your arms around my project. I know you're being paid but one cannot pay for dedication. It is not measurable.  In the end I am elated by the splendid work you did.

Here we are now – halleluiah! – we have a book. How relieved I am. So thanks for being again my professional helper and supporter. You must be relieved as well.

I hope you’ll partner with me again in the future if I still possess the stamina for an encore. Stick around, just in case.”

―John de Melo, author of Chasing the Dream: An American Immigrant’s Elusive Romance


“The book is great, the cover is exactly what I wanted. I wish some of my houses would come out that good. I would have never been able to get this far without you two. Thanks!”

―Mike Thurston, author of The Secrets of Investing Revealed

“We want you to know that we are very pleased with all that you are done to help us publish our first book. Not only will we have a book we will be proud to share but we've also learned so much in the field of writing and publishing.”

―Lois and Don Arey, authors of Friends of Chocolate Flower Haven

“Dear Nancy and Biff,

It took a lot of back and forth, but somehow we did it!  It was truly something special to work with you on my memoir.”

―Jean Louis Matocq, author of My Journey from the Pyrenees to California


“Your comments and insights are eye-opening ... in a very positive way! Thank you again for such a thorough job of reviewing my manuscript and for your clear explanations.”

―Graham Stubbs, author of Autograph Albums for Collectors

“You did a superb job of design, inside and out!”

 ―Bruce Bothwell, author of On the Tramp and sequel Off the Tramp

“Nancy, another fine example of intelligent design. Thanks.”

―Bruce Bothwell, author of the Brothers for Life series

“Thanks to the editors and book designers Nancy and Biff Barnes of Stories To Tell, who provided the physical means to bring my journal writings to fruition as a published book.”

―Michael Rinaldini, author ofA Daoist Practice Journal: Come Laugh With Me

“I wish to thank Biff Barnes for his evaluation, insights, and suggestions on the project, which enabled me to bring clarity and focus to my writing.”

 ―Priscilla Partridge, author of The Humanitarian Gene, 1891-1922

“I started by telling Sim’s story but you are getting my story thrown in for good measure. It has not been easy to meld the two stories into a harmonious narrative but my editor Nancy Barnes has done a sterling job of it and I hope the reader will enjoy it."

―June Hart Solntseff, author of Slightly Out of Tune

“A special thanks to Nancy Barnes who designed the interior of the book.”

―Ellen and Anthony Terich, authors of From Croatia to California

“I was really impressed with their simple approach. They only do what you need them to do, and they don’t try to push an expensive plan on you if you don’t need it.”

―Tom Lanier, author of Finney’s First Flight in an interview with the Santa Maria, California Sun, January 16, 2013

“I am grateful to Nancy and Biff Barnes of Stories To Tell, who worked with me to edit and produce this book so it may be offered to family, friends, and those with a genealogical interest in Thomas, in where he lived and what he did."

―Jane Ellen Abbott Southwick, author of Thomas Leonard McCavey A Soldier and Sailor

“Anni Beach, who did a bio of her community activist mother, and then worked with her husband on his autobiography Don’t Drop Your Stick Until You Cross the River, sat and went through my book page by page, and she thinks you did a superb job (as do I)! She really likes the layout (as do I)!”

 ―Susan Anderson, author of Becoming Sunny Susan

“I also said to them a couple of times that YOU as the editor made it all the difference of it being great! The way you worked on the photos, documents, and the cover was superb! Thank you so much for everything you did.”

―Marsha Allen, author of Gruber – Gruver Families of Armstrong, Butler, Clarion, and Jefferson Counties, Pennsylvania

“Thank you for holding my hand through this process.”

―Sam McCauley, author of Our Story, McCalla to McCauley

“I LOVE it!! It’s so clean and Miata-ish. You did a wonderful job, Nancy. I was afraid you were going to put special effects in or something. This is perfect. I’ll sing your praises to anyone who will listen.”

―Terese Mac Davis, author of Just Miatas

“You guys did great work!”

―A.A. Dare, author of Afternoon Heat