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Silver Spring, MD
United States


Stories To Tell is a full service book publishing company for independent authors. We provide editing, design, publishing, and marketing of fiction and non-fiction. We specialize in sophisticated, unique illustrated book design.



Self-Publishing OPTIONS

We help all sorts of authors to self-publish. They have different goals, such as:

  • To sell books for profit as a commercial business venture.
  • To spread important ideas by distributing books widely. To these authors, it is less important if it earns a profit or not.
  • To educate a smaller, select group of people. For example, a corporate history or training book.
  • To produce a special, personal book for family and friends. Many memoirs and family histories are not sold to the public.
  • To produce an eBook either as a single title or as a supplement to a print book

In each of these cases, the publishing strategy differs. Not everyone needs an ISBN, or even to print books! That's why our publishing services can be purchased individually, or in a package. You can purchase just what you need.


We make sure your book is in YOUR name, and that is properly cataloged for buyers to locate and order it. These services include:

  • ISBN Service
  • Copyright Registration
  • Books In Print
  • Library of Congress PCN Registration
  • Library of Congress PCIP Service
  • Baker & Taylor catalog


We provide many options for selling books, both as physical copies, and as Print on Demand (POD) through and other digital distributors, and a worldwide network for eBook distribution.

  • CreateSpace Account Setup & Upload
  • Ingram Spark Account Setup & Upload (Print and/or eBook)
  • Kindle Account Setup & Upload
  • Upload New Book to an Existing POD Account
  • Upload of Same Title to Ingram Spark for EBook

Book PRINTING Services

Do you want printed books? Buy them at cost, direct from the printer. We take no profit from the purchase, saving you money. Order any kind of book, from elegant foil-stamped hardcovers to inexpensive paperbacks, in any quantity, even just one.  We work directly with 80+ commercial printers. We'll shop around to get you the best deal for your book printing needs.

  • Printer Research – 2-4 Quotes
  • Printer Research – 5-8 Quotes 
  • Printer Account Set Up and Print Run Order
  • Book Drop Shipping and Warehousing

Special thanks to Nancy Barnes for guiding us through the jungle of self-publishing.
— PJ Watters, author of The Courtship of Lizzie Andrews


Even experienced authors ask us for guidance. Because WE are not your publisher (YOU are) we are impartial and have your best interests in mind.  Explore the options to meet your goals.  Get help, ask questions, and solve problems with: 

  • ISBNs, copyrights, and registrations
  • printing options, such as Print on Demand (POD), digital and offset runs
  • sales channels such as bookstores and libraries
  • sales and distribution costs and calculations
  • retail and wholesale pricing calculations
  • book descriptions, author bios, and other text
  • and your unique goals
Your advice and guidance have been indispensable!
— Roland Allnach