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Silver Spring, MD
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Stories To Tell is a full service book publishing company for independent authors. We provide editing, design, publishing, and marketing of fiction and non-fiction. We specialize in sophisticated, unique illustrated book design.



Manuscript Evaluation 

 Every book poses unique challenges. What is the best organization? Should material be added, removed, changed, or moved? Your editor reads with an open mind, considering all the elements. No changes are made to the text. You receive a written report with a detailed analysis, clear goals, and recommendations. We then discuss the evaluation on the phone to answer any questions.

Content Editing

Content editing assumes that your draft is completed. You’ve done all you can, but you know there are weaknesses in the writing that you want to be shaped and refined. You can have your editor revise the entire book, focus on a few aspects, or just one facet – dialogue, for instance.

Your editor will use the “Track Changes” tool to revise your draft without making the changes permanent. You’re able to view both your version and the editor’s, and for every change, you can accept or reject it.

This tutorial explains "Track Changes" in Word. It makes collaboration between an author and editor possible. (4 minutes)


Copy Editing

No author can see every error. The act of creation itself prevents him from seeing his work objectively. A trustworthy copy editor is objective, very focused, and knows and applies the rules of English grammar consistently. The copy editor, like the content editor, uses the track changes tool to show the author the corrections. Depending on the “roughness” of the draft, the editor may have to work through the text again and again. For this reason, rates vary, and authors may choose to have an editor go over it “one more time” even after the book is designed – that is when copy editing is called proofreading.

Experienced Editors

Our editing services are based on word count. Please count the words in your document to get an accurate estimate.

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Which EDITING SERVICE is right for you?

Manuscript Evaluation

The editor READS your draft. Your editor is your “book doctor.” You receive a written analysis and a phone conference. You get a list of ways to improve the draft. Do this if you need ideas.

Content Editing

The editor REVISES your draft, changing words, sentences, and paragraphs to improve clarity, cohesiveness, and effectiveness. Your editor is your writing partner. Do this if your writing skill isn’t as good as your ideas.

Copy Editing

The editor CORRECTS your draft. She finds and fixes errors in punctuation, syntax, and mechanics at the sentence and word level. Do this. It is the one type of editing that must be done, and yet cannot be done by the author.

Editorial Consulting

The editor ADVISES you, after reading your book for one of the other services. You may need advice about illustration and design,  publishing choices, marketing, etc. The editor who has read and understood your book is your best adviser.

The two-page Draft Evaluation was comprehensive, well organized and thoughtful. The service included an hour long telephone conversation where Nan expanded on key points, providing viable alternatives. I highly recommend this service to any writer in need of an objective manuscript review without any obligations.
— James Hansen, Hermosa Beach, CA