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Silver Spring, MD
United States


Stories To Tell is a full service book publishing company for independent authors. We provide editing, design, publishing, and marketing of fiction and non-fiction. We specialize in sophisticated, unique illustrated book design.

ebook Fees

eBook Fees

EBD1. Standard Interior eBook Design

Interior layout for black & white, text-only books, with no special formatting.

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EBD1A. Standard Interior Design, eBook, Additional Words

Each 10,000 words of additional standard text

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EBD2. Custom Interior eBook Design

Interior layout for books requiring special formatting including: text-wrapped images, poetry, letters, journal or diary entries, interview transcripts, or pull quotes.

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EBD2A. Custom Interior Design, eBook, Additional Words

Each 10,000 words of additional custom text.

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EBD3. Premium Interior eBook Design

Interior layout for books requiring special formatting including all items included in Custom Interior Layout, plus index, charts or graphs, footnotes, endnotes, bibliography, glossary provided by client (Stories To Tell can create any of these items; additional charges apply.)

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EBD3A Premium Interior Design, eBook , Additional Words

Each 10,000 words of additional premium text.

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EBD4. Image Placement in Illustrated eBooks

Placement of images in illustrated eBook.

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EBC1. Standard eBook Cover Design

A standard cover includes: one primary image, (either supplied by the client or from a stock source) one background color and/or texture, and suitable typefaces for title and author. Client may collaborate on selection and placement of artwork and typefaces.

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EBC2. Custom eBook Cover Design

A custom cover includes a multiple images or a layered, composited image and up to four fonts (title, subtitle, author, text). Client may collaborate on selection and placement of artwork and typefaces. The cover image and copy represent the book’s story or subject.

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EBC3. Premium eBook Cover Design

Premium design is intended for commercial projects, and includes complex art rendering such as composites or vector images. Design includes complementary fonts. Stock components are included free of charge; specialty art acquisition such as hand drawn illustrations may incur additional charges.

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EBC4. eBook Conversion, Standard

Use liquid layout to ensure flow of text and placed objects.
Revise font styles as necessary.
Hyperlink table of contents and other live content as required.
Inspect HTML tags.
Export to EPUB and/or Kindle formats.
Validate formatting as acceptable for publisher submission.

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EBC5. Linking Images in an eBook Conversion

Insert links for all photos or other images in an eBook conversion.

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