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    Tweeting to Promote Holocaust Memoir

    Ninety-one year old Willie Sterner is tweeting.

    Sterner, a Holocaust survivor has written a memoir of his experiences, The Shadows Behind Me, which will be released today. As part of the book’s launch Sterner’s book will be tweeted in three daily updates each day for thirty days.

    Sterner’s Twitter posts are part of a plan by Montreal’s Azrieli Foundation , which is publishing his book as a part of its Holocaust Survivors Memoir Program, to reach readers who would otherwise not be exposed to the stories of Holocaust survivors.

    "Most Holocaust survivors can't find publishers for their memoirs," said Naomi Azrieli, chairperson and executive director of the foundation. "They write their memoirs because they don't want to lose their stories. We realized this is a great role for philanthropy, because there's no other way to get these stories out there."

    Sterner’s memoir and others in the series will be sold in books stores and available for free download on the Azrieli Foundation website.


    The Azrieli Foundation’s effort to reach out to a new audience is one author’s seeking to promote their own books should consider. Social media can be a powerful in creating a buzz about a book. Plug Your Book! Online Marketing for Author’s  by Steve Weber provides a comprehensive look at using other online tools to promote your book.

    Click here to read the Montreal Gazette’s report on Sterner’s book launch.

    Click here to visit the Azrieli Foundation website.


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    Reader Comments (2)

    I empathize! After five long years, I recently published a book including my father's holocaust memoirs and it is now available on Amazon! I am trying to get my father's holocaust story out to the world but finding it very challenging and running out of ideas on where to go next!

    The book is entitled: Why My Father Ran by Henia Stein

    Here is the link so you can view the book cover:

    Photos of my father's DP Camp carvings are available in full color on:

    In the future, short audio clips of my father's 'dictating' his memoirs will be included on this link!

    I think his idea is brilliant and wish him much success because every survivor's story is vital that it be told!

    Sep 13, 2011 at 1:41PM | Unregistered CommenterHenia Stein

    I know how difficult it can be to help a book find an audience. Good luck letting readers know about your father's story.
    Best wishes,
    Biff Barnes

    Sep 13, 2011 at 7:04PM | Registered CommenterNan Barnes

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