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    Evaluating the Draft of Your Memoir or Family History

    A New Service From Stories To Tell

    As we have met clients who have come to us already having written a complete or nearly complete draft of their memoir or family history we have found they have some variation of the same question:
  • Am I done yet?

  • What more do I need to do?

  • How can I improve the quality of what I have written to get it ready to publish?

  • People who have already part of our Complete Author’s Program receive unlimited editorial services as part of CAP. Their personal editor gives their draft a thorough, in-depth review making recommendations about their draft’s ideas, organization, completeness, clarity, cohesiveness, purpose, tone, illustrations, framing and goals.

    But we realize that many of the people we talk to aren’t ready to become part of the Complete Author’s Program yet. But they could still save countless hours by sharing their work-in-progress with an expert editor. To help these authors hone their drafts, we have created a new service – Manuscript Evaluation.

    An expert editor will give your manuscript a thoughtful reading, and call you to discuss these important aspects of your book project:
  • Idea: Is the focus of the book communicated clearly throughout?

  • Organization: Is the book clearly organized, chronologically or topically?

  • Completeness: Is the draft “done”? Are there missing ideas or unanswered questions?

  • Goals: What needs to be done to complete your draft?

  • The feedback you receive from an editor can help you avoid errors, improve quality and speed your draft toward publication.

    If you have a draft of your book done or nearly done and would like some editorial guidance and support in finishing and polishing it for publication, contact us about a Manuscript Evaluation. We’ll be happy to help.

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